Why I keep shooting


Sometimes I feel fed up by photography. Fed up by shooting, fed up by always searching for the right light and the most appealing subjects in a world that seems to be already captured in every possible way. The thought of continuing when the outturn is almost unnoticeable is tiring and I often think about quitting. Then suddenly a scenery like this appears.

We drove down to the beach at La Marina one night to catch the sunset for a swim and when we were almost ready to turn back home a man and his horse appeared, walking towards us by the shoreline. I walked up to him and with my limited Spanish managed to ask if I could take a few pictures. He was very kind and told me his horse name was Alba. Alba is his only horse and sometimes he walks down to the beach to let her swim when it's empty from tourists. I noticed the strong bond they had and how much he loved her, it was pretty amazing. He went back into the water to let me shoot them swimming together.

Afterwards I felt happy and excited for the moment we shared and I thought about how strange and random it is with photography, that I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. It's moments like this that keeps me want to keep shooting, capturing the moments of good and bad and eternalizing them for the future.