Coming from a background as an artist where my passion lies within experimenting with light and shadow to create appealing sceneries in the landscapes of the north, it only felt natural to expand my creativity into shooting weddings. With that saying I get to meet new people and create lifelong memories together at beautiful locations.  

My speciality is outdoor photography and I have many ideas for how to capture your wedding day in a way that feels relaxed at the same time as we eternalize your best moments in this one lifetime adventure. 

Don't hesitate to fill out the contact form with a request and tell me your ideas for how you wish your wedding day to be remembered.  I'd be happy to discuss and work out a plan together to meet your demands in the very best way possible. 




Wedding Photography 4 hours: 8000sek inkl moms

  • 4 hours of documentation; wedding portraits, ceremony and pre-ceremony mingle
  • Includes 300-500 high res images in a slideshow as well as 12-15 images of your choice for your wedding portraits and thank you cards


Wedding Photography  8 hours: 12000sek inkl moms

  • This option covers most of the day including portraits, ceremony, mingle and most of the dinner depending on time frame
  • Includes 500-700 high res images as well as a slideshow
  • Includes travel expenses within Sweden


Wedding Photography 12 hours: 16000sek inkl moms

  • Full day coverage; pre wedding portraits, ceremony, mingle, dinner, after-party
  • Includes 800-1000 high res images as well as slideshow
  • An engagement photo section is included in the area of Stockholm
  • Includes travel expenses within Sweden


Weekend: 22000sek inkl moms

  • Unlimited hours during a weekend
  • All photographs (1100-1300) delivered high res in a web gallery and slideshow
  • Engagement photography at chosen location 
  • Includes travel expenses within the Nordic countries


Portrait section (before wedding) 2 hours, 2-3 locations: 4500sek inkl moms
If you only like portraits before the ceremony this is your best option. 

  • Includes 50-100 images in a slideshow as well as 10-15 high res images of your choice 



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